Apple may lose its privacy in iPhone devices .. because of this law

Future prospects are testing that it will have a USB-C display port, instead of the company’s traditional Lightning port, according to Bloomberg, as Apple’s move to comply with new European regulations comes as a stave watch on manufacturers Smartphones only support USB-C port.

Do you want to start producing USB-C drivers?

USB-C can be used in your family of chargers, as most computers rely on a USB-C port instead of Lightning.

This means Apple customers can use a single charger for their iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and it’s a format for Apple’s complex to simplicity. And the chargers for both the iPhone and the Apple Watch, use the USB-C port to charge them.

Some cell phone manufacturers are accessible, so that with USB-C you can go about your usual business.

It seems that this version of the switch to Apple’s games, Europe, Europe, Europe, Europe, Europe, Europe, Europe.

“We are concerned that regulation mandating only one type of connector for all devices on the market will harm European consumers by slowing down communications in charging standards, including safety and energy efficiency,” he declared in a statement last year.

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