How did NASA fix “annoying” problems with its space launch rocket?

It originated in three previous tests, digitartlend reports.

And the problems described by NASA International for previous outputs

Previously issued, which previously came, liquid hydrogen fuel leaks, releasing fuel that reaches the rocket.

This has been proven correctly and this filter has been proven on the safe side Engineers have signed up NASA Its engineers are convinced the bolts are also properly installed and this filter must have been carrying a leak before, but copyright in the future.

Another issue she was working on was the helium check valve stuck because it stopped due to fault, due to fault, due to fault,

In spite of this, the alternative is the main cause of the problem in the beginning, replacing it with the first group on the first floor of the problem, and calling its solution, restart the system.

From the sum of the work done from the total of its versions resulting in no harm in this version.

NASA also requested from the United States.

NASA previously said that it does not expect to try the rehearsal once until June at the earliest, and in the update the agency clarified that “NASA will announce the dates of its launch on the platform and the next exercise attempt in-work.” [مبنى تجميع المركبات] Nitrogen system testing is nearing completion. “

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