How to factory reset your iPhone

Think Factory Reset Sounds Good – New Study Permanently Erases Both Information and Settings on Your iPhone Whether you’re selling your own iPhone, replacing a new shiny model or donating a factory reset keeps your info out of harm’s way, here’s how to do So:

1. Backup

The files you listed as files have been deleted, so after you reset your phone, Settings on your iPhone appears above your name.

2. Find iCloud

Click on the iCloud tab and then iCloud Backup. Hit copy now. It should be the first step in this step. You can (and should) set your iCloud to back up your information automatically. You can also back up your computer by following these reviews.

3. Communication apps

A few more steps Before you’re ready Factory reset steps, start by looking at all your apps (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and logging out of your accounts as this step adds another layer of security.

4. Do a factory reset

First, tap Settings, tap Reset, tap Erase content and settings. Click Continue, you may need to enter your passcode. Then tap on Erase iPhone.

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