Samsung Electronics announces broadcast results for the first quarter of 2022

Achieving quarterly annual revenues of $60 billion..and operating profit of $11 billion

Samsung Electronics today announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2022 ending on March 31, 2022, with total revenue for the quarter hitting a record $60 billion, aid of $11 billion, and its assistance from 51% over the prior year period. The Device Experience division had the highest sales since 2013 The Hardware Solutions division had its highest-ever quarter profit.

Smartphones (Mobile eXperience) recorded consecutive increases in revenue and profits thanks to the massive sales of the Galaxy Urtla S22, the demand for new 5G models in the market and the high sales of devices and watches, and the network business in the world continued to meet the needs of local networks for 5G networks.

Revenues are expected to grow significantly for the mobile business unit year on year due to the massive sales of the Galaxy S22 series and the high sales of the new 5G in the market. Where the company expects to achieve high profits through the operating program, and from the possibilities of operation, and the operating system, and from uncertainty, and from uncertainty, and it is expected to get the same picture from the driver, as well as the operation

At the level of displays (Samsung Display Corporation), the company announced a profit for its displays, thanks to the sales and demand of smartphone customers, and the share of large screens, the improvement in productivity of screens (QD) exceeded expectations. Sales of the display business increased year-over-year with sales of premium, high-value products such as the new QLED and Super Big TVs rising.

It is expected to start sales and companies, offices, from abroad, from abroad, successfully, successfully, successfully, successfully. Expansion plans for the large screens business to a leading position in this distinguished sector and limiting the spaces through the introduction of QD displays.

The business expects to maintain a strong level of profitability while expanding its franchise base, increasing new foldable products and new sales that support the ecosystem. For Aamal, the company will maintain growth through growth in domestic 5G regions and expansion into overseas markets, as well as developing in the leadership growth of vRAN technology.

Digital Business reported record revenue in the quarter thanks to growth in premium products, with a focus on BESPOKE products. The display business will focus on selling new models, including, New QLED and Freestyle, while the digital business will aim to increase profits through improved product mixes while increasing the availability of BESPOKE products in the global market.

As for the visual field, the new is the new in the new. The company will continue to focus on increasing sales of premium products from its desired and established races.

The memory products business has seen record sales of servers, to increase the demand for it, and the results of the LSI system business have gradually improved with the price increase. For the casting business, demand has been strong across all applications as the company has supplied the amount of advanced operations.

The company’s first-quarter business results for the first quarter amounted to $6 billion, including $5 billion spent on semiconductors, and $547 million on displays.

Profits of phones I discovered a month before the show

The MX and Networks business reported $25 billion in consolidated revenue and $2 billion in profit for the first quarter.

Fifth, bases, industrial bases, fifth, bases, bases, bases, bases, quarterly. However, the MX business saw growth in both revenue and profit compared to the previous quarter due to the lack of supply. Strong sales of the Galaxy S22 series since its launch in the first quarter have helped drive revenue growth, on the back of the Urtla-Galaxy S22 with S-Pen receiving feedback from existing Galaxy Note customers. Mass market 5G phones, including new, plus environmental information for devices such as tablets including the Galaxy Tab S8, wearability benchmarks, also contributed to earnings growth.

In the second quarter, the demand for the smartphone market is expected to decline slightly on a year-on-quarter basis. The uncertainty is again, however, the resumption of its commercial sales growth In addition to anticipating the shortage of components of the Galaxy S22 series phone, the company will strive to maintain sales The powerful smartphones, actively participating to increase the market demand for large-scale 5G network models.

Year-on-year display earnings: to focus on Premium OLED and QD displays in the second half

In terms of display, Samsung reported $6 billion in consolidated revenue and $852 million in profit for the first quarter.

Its earnings mobile phone screens improved from the previous year, driven by the strong drive for premium products and the positive effects of overseas movements. The adoption of OLED displays in computers and gaming consoles contributed to the results.

For large screen displays, Samsung introduced QD monitors in the first quarter, Watching Legitsan in the market raised expectations for QD TVs scheduled for release in the third quarter. In addition, the company is working to quickly stabilize the return of QD displays.

Looking at the second quarter, Samsung expects to see a dip in some areas. Its earnings from large screen displays are likely to improve in the second quarter as the company is set to ramp up LCD production as planned and expand its QD products.

Memory profits beat expectations with quarterly server sales

The revenue division reported $21 billion in sales revenue and $6 billion in revenue in the first quarter.

Exceeding performance has been a year old for Jia and War of War of the Wars.

As for ROM, the dynamic backbone, and the request generated by the server, is caused by an increase in centralization, centralization, and centralization.

The company will also continue to pursue its high-quality portfolio by expanding sales of high-quality, high-value products, with a reaction to demands for applications that appear larger than growth.

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