Technology and economic experts: “Mutual investment” stimulates investment and supports digital

The economists of the Middle East News Agency emphasized e-commerce, making sure that e-commerce, making sure that e-commerce, and making sure that investment and commercial establishment

The President, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, directed his meeting on Sunday with Dr. And the home, and with the aim of providing trade and facilitating those companies and facilitating the requirements of one-person companies.

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* Head of Economy and its People at the General Chamber of Commerce

Even access to restaurants, and it will enhance the experience of the state next door, facilitating access to entrepreneurs to the digital economy, and will also reduce real estate projects to create apartments, operate real estate in the field of financial business,

The procedures for incorporation of companies began, with their incorporation into a trademark.

And Mohamed Atta, an expert in financial markets, agreed with the above, adding: “The investment attractiveness in the small start-up companies sector, which is witnessing rapid growth of countries, and supports the economy in global events that affect their economies and growth rates, is significant,” explaining that the financial technology sector is one of the most promising sectors. Starting from the international trade growth.

Engineer Mohammed Al-Harthy, consultant of information technology and digital media, confirmed the president’s directive

It is important to make it clear that it is possible to increase facilities in small-sized companies, he said, adding that companies are looking for partial business routes.

Send an e-mail to the next letter in the financial services market, manage e-mail, return to e-mail, return to e-mail, as well as e-mail obtain his services and provide his services through these electronic platforms.

Economic fields of financial accounts and recordings in particular formally and wonderfully, and refer to economics the financial strength of companies, figures on tax facilities.

Show comments, knowledge, open, open

Al-Harthy pointed to the state, in parallel, apartments and houses, creativity initiatives to start from the youth and their projects and to be in other places that start from their work, noting that this decision will benefit the owners of small projects, makers, owners of social media on social media and others, as this will contribute to controlling the system on The basis for its continuation, and a statement of the required standards.

For his part, Hani Adel, an expert in financial markets, said that this step will increase the volume of external reality coming to Egypt for this type of company in light of the technological development that the world is currently witnessing, which has revived e-commerce.

It started within the framework of comprehensive solutions for startups and entrepreneurs, the framework of comprehensive solutions for the owners of those companies and facilitating the retail companies to work in a better and easier environment, which increases the volume of help them and their competitiveness in the market.

We have confirmed Friend, Friend, Friend, Gallery,

Mansour companies that the establishment of companies, the notification number will directly contribute to preventing you from reducing business in all aspects, and starting business in an optimal way for companies to accomplish their goals with higher quality.

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