A new application from Microsoft that helps you activate the desktop .. Get to know it

If you’re looking to give an example on your new Windows desktop, you might want to follow up on an item that might be coming from Microsoft soon.

Potentially preloaded with a console on Xbox, as well as Windows PCs.

Launch your project for the first time In the beginning, it was a well-known project of Microsoft Aggiornamenti Lumia and partly showing it.

Its wallpaper player is in GIF area

There is a storyboard timeline, new paths and effects, and customizable themes in adjusting image properties, and there also appears to be a way to tweak it on your Windows PC.

Of course, Microsoft has yet to implement this app, and this suggests that from being a public app for everyone to download, this might just be an app meant for developers to use in retail, the official Xbox Dynamic.

Bring it to Xbox Insider, and this is done so you can gather feedback before you put it to someone else.

In addition to the background engine, you can use the GIF application for the Bionix application.

And Microsoft also has it, you can make it, as a wallpaper, for dialogue

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