All you need to know about iOS 15.5 for iPhone

Apple released iOS 15.5, the latest version of its operating system, which lacks improvements users experience can help appease regulators with control.

In the new iOS 15.5 they appear as a pair of buttons to the Wallet app, and Share for Apple Cash App users

Make repairs Apple release fixes also homework fixes, including home automation reliability fixes fired by people arriving and leaving relocation The verege.

The full release notes state the following:

In iOS 15.5 improvements in the following bugs:

Wallet for Apple Cash customers sends and requests their Apple Cash card.

Turn on Apple Podcasts new setting to limit episodes stored on your iPhone and delete old episodes automatically.

Fixes an issue with potentially home automation, caused by people arriving or leaving.

Some characters may not be lettered in all regions or on all Apple devices.

Besides the latest iOS update, Apple also released an update for macOS. Update: Monterey 12.4 macOS version fixed for poor webcam quality for Apple Studio Display.

According to The Verge The Verge report, I had tests with the previous view, this one shows the previous version, the previous webpage appears, but the previous, next, previous, and next update appears in the image and improves contrast, contrast and color accuracy. It became normal to be republished.

For example, iOS 15.5 lacks the changes 9to5Mac is facing, and is good at making references to “external purchases,” making it a baseline for specific apps to be able to link to external purchase terms, in line with changes Apple introduced last month.

It generally requires the use of the developers’ coin, its energy, its energy, its energy, its energy, its energy, its energy, its energy, its energy, its energy, its energy

And in some countries such as South Korea and the Netherlands, payment plans have been ordered from developers to link to external payment systems.

iOS 15.5 was released less than a month before Apple announced the upcoming iOS 16 update at its annual developer conference.

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