MiamiCoin cryptocurrency 88% of its value in less than a year

Miami, the host city of the Bitcoin 2022 event, can be run by the government to pay taxes.”

Quartz Quartz reports since its launch last August 3, the value of MiamiCoin has increased by up to 95%.

And the flag of CityCoin’s plan of miners written tokens on the Stacks (STX) blockchain holding the idea to bid for MiamiCoin. The winning bidder gets 70 percent of the investments in MiamiCoin, you get 30 percent in STX tokens moved at The verege.

Suarez said the city received $5.25 million from the project on February 2, 17 days later, the mayor was quoted by the Miami Herald. Got over $88 and covered.

The Quartz Commission obtained an email from CityCoins to the mayor’s office citing concerns that it played a role in a “regulatory round” — the SEC investigated an unregistered metal standoff. Instead, both CitcyCoin and the city may have to give investors cash.

Quartz reports Quartz to Petrick Stanley, who is listed as a supporter on the CityCoins website, and has apparently been a contact for city officials, and says a confrontation could be made in local transactions or basic income.

The research projects of these apps seem to be using cryptography in one way or another. Quartz also mentioned one suggestion out of the way, which would be way off for people calling to report commuting scooters.

Not in its own CityCoin campaign. In November, Suarez promised his salary in bitcoin, then-New York City mayor Eric Adams said he would take his first bitcoin paycheck to the top, and welcomed CityCoins to the district.

Bitcoin peaked at $69,000 in the same week trading around $30,000, the NYCCoin project launched on January 24, 2022, has lost about 98.58 percent of its value and is trading for $0.0014.

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