Musk: Twitter’s algorithms are manipulating users

Elon Musk said the Twitter platform was manipulated by the site’s timeline, making founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey carry out the aitnews move.

This represents the latest development in Musk’s troubled query on the company, and in a new tweet, or Musk to the scheduled timeline, which displays based on the image and user interests.

Musk said: You are being manipulated by the algorithm

Dorsey responded by disagreeing with Musk, finding that the post was a way to easily inform followers of popular news in changing it.

And Dorsey tweeted: “Designed in time to be time away from app time, back to refresh and update to reverse sequence as well.”

Dorsey then responded that it would have consequences.

It is the best option.

You have not tampered with, tampered with, or had no data with you that this is happening.

Find the code in the code.

Algorithm is a key talking point for what it wants to be open source to increase trust in the platform, as it said the comment is pending the announcement that only 5% of the site’s accounts will fall into the bot account category.

Twitter founder responds to Musk

A sample of 100 random followers of an account was deleted, because a sample of accounts filtered accounts was requested, because the number is a code to account for 5% of accounts. Counterfeit, spam and duplicate.

There is a possibility that the number of fake accounts is more than 90% of the daily active accounts.

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