Netflix is ​​developing a direct selling option for the first time

The Netflix platform may expand to live broadcasting, as the platform is developing an option for live broadcasting, fee handling, and X, but it is still in the early stages of development, the Arab Gateway for Technical News panel.

And according to a new report, a live-sale show could give you the ability to stream live interviews, like the one it recently turned into real estate for Sunset Sale, as well as the ability to vote live for competing shows, like the upcoming contest series Dance 100 Productions The Circle Studio Lambert.

It can also be used to broadcast comedy shows. This year, the platform held its first live and in-person comedy festival, Netflix Is a joke Fest.

The Los Angeles-based event ran a long series and featured more than 130 famous comedians, including Ali Wong, Bill, Seinfeld, John Mulaney and more.

Filming and quotations were presented, with plans to broadcast about 12 of them in the service, and the platform is scheduled to start broadcasting offers later this month and until the month of June.

You can see the offers available in the options available in your options.

There is not much information on upcoming mail. There is also no organization schedule but there is a small group within the platform in the initial stages of product development.

Netflix may broadcast stand-up comedy shows

And Disney Plus, one of Netflix’s biggest competitors, went live. And in February, Disney Plus aired a live show of the Academy Award, the first of its kind on the service.

The Disney Plus platform also now features the celebrity dance competition series, Dancing With the Stars. The series is set to debut as a live series on the platform later this year.

And in its latest Netflix earnings report, the shared streaming service reported for the first time in more than a decade. The new American home page from 2022.

To help manage revenue in revenue and subscribers, the platform has hinted at cracking down on password export, as well as a cheaper ad-supported streaming option.

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