Report: Steve Jobs hoped the first iPhone wouldn’t have a SIM slot

A recent report that Apple founder Steve Jobs, former iPod president Tony also known as the “father of the iPod” that Jobs was against the idea of ​​a SIM card in the iPhone, as Jobs wanted to get rid of the card slot because of his preferences in the device.

According to reports, he wanted it to be for the smartphone, and also revealed, he wanted to be ready for the smartphone, CDMA network instead of GSM to express cards, need CDMA service to service a subsidiary company service.

Being one of the most influential members of the original design of the iPod and iPhone, FDL convinced the Apple co-founder that using CDMA instead of GSM wouldn’t work because of the simple, revealing FDL used market data to prove his point.

And,,,,,,,, mark, mark, mark, mark, mark, mark, mark, mark, mark, mark, mark, and advertisement to launch iPhone devices that operate ESIM only.

iPhone debuts eSIM support with the launch of the affordable iPhone XR, and currently, a version of the iPhone model launched in 2018 or later (iPhone SE lengthened) comes with support from one physical SIM and one eSIM.

Suddenly, starting with the answer, a message, a message, a message, and a first message.

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