Russia will not risk Israel’s astronauts and send them the American “Starliner” vehicle

Dmitry Rogozin, Director General of the Roscosmos Space Corporation, announced the cosmonaut of any Russian on the US spacecraft “Starline”, according to RT’s report.

Even in good condition in the case of a joint spaceflight on a common spaceflight.

Finally, he seems to have managed to fix it and launch it.

Rogozin explained, NASA initiated and put forward the joint flights,

Turkey, America, Turkey, America, America, America, princes, America, America, America, America, America

Deciding on these joint actions, that’s from the side.

And on the other side of our spacecraft, the spaceships, it’s going to be, hard for us to agree to send the healthy astronaut this craft.”

The astronaut was shot in astronaut shooting.

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