Zoom delves deeper into customer service

Zoom has announced plans to expand the customer experience by introducing the company, the startup Solvvy, an intelligent conversational platform that is automated to support customers, in aitnews.

Last summer, the company offered nearly $15 billion to buy Five9 to engage in customer service. And of course that deal fell apart. Desire to engage in customer service somehow has not diminished.

The company led earlier this year, which benefits from the current current.

A company then announced in a blog post about the new service: By combining the calling functionality with Zoom’s unified communications solutions, the call center can function as a standalone customer experience solution or integrate into an existing website or app.

The call center aims to redefine society. Travel: People who use meeting, phone or chat get to know the experience of handling pointer handling,

Zoom Acquire Solvvy

By combining some of the functionality, current, and existing from providing customer experience within Zoom’s toolkit.

And by accruing to Solvvy, the company gets more information from automation and intelligence families on Frequently Asked Questions without having to talk to anyone.

Mainly return of customer orders, companies mainly to provide customer offers and personalized doubled.

Work to improve the work of the companies involved in the work.

Zoom’s head of product and engineering realizes, this code gives the company critical functionality for comparison in the field.

He stated: Solvvy’s proprietary technology expands call center offerings with scalable self-service and the jerking intelligence of conversations. Our customers benefit from an automated and integrated call center. This center helps answer customer questions, solve problems faster, improve customer experience, and increase savings.

While the companies did not participate in the purchase price, Solvvy, which was launched in 2013, raised about $16.5 million. The deal is expected to close in the third quarter of this fiscal year.

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