Report: Tesla cars can be stolen easily

A cybersecurity site has exposed “dangerous” Tesla electric cars that enabled thieves to exploit modern apps to unlock and unlock them.

While the “Bloomberg” agency quoted NC Group’s security advisor to the British, the possibility of hacking the “Tesla S” and “Tesla Y” models could be obtained, and any thief could open, and “Tesla Y”, and any A thief that opens, and “communicate and set off.”

The security consultant explained that communications between the car owner’s Tesla mobile phone or security key (the remote control) and the car itself can be redirected, pushing the entry system into the car so that the system thinks the car is already next to it.

With new cars, with low-power cars.

A Tesla official said that the results information set, which was published in a note last Sunday, announced the auto industry to change its hardware and change the keyless entry system.

Another security researcher who shredded David Colombo.

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