What does the audio feature mean on iPhones? Improve call quality?

It does FaceTime Audio, make phone calls or make phone calls, can make normal phone call calls, the sound quality is the best old phone call.

Our way of using audio and video.

It works on iOS 15 or macOS Monterey.

Seems like a strong backend supports the very large image, you can access the very large image: you can scroll down from the top corner device of the Mac (to get to the top of the Mac). To the Control Center, click the Microphone Mode button to go to the verege location.

Two more options:

And Wide Spectrum will allow the other people on your call to hear more of the background, watching a good concert post, and the sound isolation is best.

It appears that the first stage of the first stage has been created.

When setting on the iPhone, all the sounds disappear and also in the MacBook, in the process of isolating the sound, Apple seems to be rounding it up too, there is a little echo so it looks like you are holding your phone so you are not. The trade-off is that your voice sounds more processed, but appears to be processed while using it in apps like FaceTime or Zoom.

Only two problems with sound insulation

First, it is not a setting to create your message, please activate it in every application that Iran uses

Improve sound quality with an API on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, but every app supports it.

The chart of the office car 52 in the diagram

Zoom used to work on iOS but not on a Mac, and there’s no way to get it to work within the browser as much as you can, Google Meet rules out a few other apps.

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