An American study: The digital employee experience is a necessity for companies since the beginning of the pandemic

A new study said that the functional employee is an important component and the head of the management department of companies operating in accordance with the hybrid work system, and that the work experience

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According to the study, 75% of respondents have made employee experience a top priority since the start of the pandemic. Ask participants about the business priorities that were prompted during your purchase

The experience of employees leads to improving the experience of employees in general, as it indicates a high rate of their growth, and the word for it is to study while, where it works on time, as soon as it appears, in reference to a school, commissioned by a company in Vware “global.

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It continues to invest in digital employee experience solutions as companies seek to improve the level of their employees.

And although only 25% of the study participants are in a comprehensive, comprehensive, integrated digital image experience project, the majority (about 60%) expect to implement this end-to-end solution within 24 months.

In addition, 84% of respondents m to have informed you again from the staff.

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