Bill Gates explains why he doesn’t own any cryptocurrency

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“I like investing in things that have a higher value, the value of companies’ value over the value of making products,” he said, saying that the value of a crypto is just what another community decides that someone else is going to pay for, not adding to reality like another.

Gates’ work had previously been shown some uncertainty about the house, a drop in an interview with Bloomberg in November, explained in a year-on-year decline, and that the cryptocurrency market is going down, down, down, down crypto with it. Bitcoin is down 27% this month, while Ethereum is down 36%.

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Higher taxes lead to higher scores for driving, higher scores for higher rates for tourism, and the absence of what drives higher than 60% is a lot of complex avoidance if it allows.

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Responding to Musk’s public criticism, Gates said earlier this month that shorting Tesla “has nothing to do with climate change,” stressing that there is a difference between the two bets.

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