How do you do it? How to prevent Google Photos from showing painful memories

If you’re using images from Google Ads, it’s often a long-term view of the past, and comments coming back in the past — like a painful breakup, the loss of a loved one, or the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021, Google added a tool to remove images.

How to customize Google Photos to hide potentially painful or unwanted memories:

1. Open Google Photos. Above the image seen in the app, you should see story-style creations such as highlighting and the latest highlights from one year ago.

2. If you draw over one of the loaded items in bulk from the following options: Tap on the Settings icon.

3. Choose Memories settings in the menu.

You can be very specific about the photos you do or want to see.

If you want to click on the picture and view it on a picture and display pictures and display pictures in pictures of people and pets, she would like to see pictures appear in the picture and display pictures that appear as a picture hidden on top of it.

Unfortunately (at the moment) this shows in the picture shows the real picture shows the picture in the picture appears, the possibility appears that you will encounter an unwanted picture, but deleting the picture is not an option.


If you prefer not to be reminded click Add, and Google Photos will not display any other memories or creations in this window. Pick a pick dating back to the 1970’s.

More options

Modes of on, off or off.

You can also get other models of schools that go on or off – by clicking on Featured Memories.

You can set what amazing, listed, old, or newer features are set to them when you open Google Photos.

Clicking on notifications also gives you control over what Google Photos offers you to know — such as the availability of new creations or memories, as well as printing offers and suggestions.

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