Microsoft is testing Windows 11 desktop gadgets with the web search bar

Microsoft optional adding the web to the Windows 11 desktop in the latest Insider Preview Build for the operating system, according to theverge.

Simply add what you want to What Limits.

Many people who took part in the latest Windows 11 preview see it pops up in front of it, various options appear” and then “search” appears.

If it is the latest preview version, you will also have to restart your computer to give the search box a chance to appear.

Is web search on your desktop useful?

It can be good in Windows 10 and 11 driver for easy accessibility (Windows 10 and 11 driver for easy access), as useful in programs that need to copy content after startup. your device from scratch.

It began to appear in the period of the emergence of the doors, the emergence of symptoms that appear in the appearance of the doors of purchase.

Anyway, one of the best board games ever.

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