Two Russian astronauts will launch 6 nano-satellites into the space ring

The launch of the launch of 6 nano-satellites (micro-satellites) while operating outside the international space area, the next stage, RT reported.

This is done through the framework of the Russian Trade Pioneer affiliate program and the experience of “Radioskav” obtained from the e-commerce program. This was reported by Russian cosmonaut, Oleg Artemyev in a May 18 interview with the Russian Space Agency.

What a moonlight, a satellite, to which the energy called the satellite.

And Artemev recalled the Russian cosmonaut, who had been delivered to outer space. As for the nano-satellites that he will launch, they were manufactured at the Russian Institute of Aerospace Instrumentation and the Department of Electronic Aircraft at the Southwestern Russian Federal University, and they were delivered to space in outer space. Last February, he boarded the “Progress-19” space truck.

It is noteworthy that the agency “Roskosmos”, the space agency, the International Space Agency. The cosmonaut, Oleg Artemyev was carried by the correspondent of “TASS” on board the station.

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