WhatsApp revenue via cloud API

The WhatsApp platform is preparing to bring free cloud API services in a push to attract more companies to use the application, to correct the patterns of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Commerce, at the messaging company’s affiliate talks event, the Arab portal for technical news.

WhatsApp started increasing its revenue with the global launch of its cloud API and soon, a business driven category, and the platform continues towards the business market with its launch to all companies around the world.

Entering the cloud interface

The company has been building the Business API over the course of several ruinous times as one of the main ways the messaging app and agreement can make money, and companies pay SAP each message, at rates that vary by region on the full messages sent.

Numbers from late last year, and tens of thousands of companies used the non-cloud version of the BAPI, including brands like Vodafone and Behata Brands like Vodafone and Bee’i Airlines and Airlines, and this localized version of the API.

However, the cloud version of small businesses will reduce the time to integration of weeks. It is also free.

And communication with the API with its systems, where there is one WhatsApp connection and one of the connections.

It’s also time to direct them to SMS, other messaging apps, and emails.

Do companies work with a solution provider like Zendeks or Twilio to make facilitation? Providers during beta testing of the cloud API included Zendesk in the US, Take in Brazil, and MessageBird in the EU.

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