Are European digital markets hurt? answers

The company is one of the world’s largest technology companies, with a large stake in products and software, but the Digital Markets Act is temporary legislation proposed by the European Union earlier this week that seeks to prevent companies from “guarding the gate” by blocking software from outside products. the first side. Looking at Apple’s range of hardware and software, it’s easy to see that the company would be hurt in Europe by legislation.

An essential day to the world of technology. Up until this point, things like third-party apps and payment systems have been prevented from being deployed on iOS devices, but new legislation will require Apple to allow them on its platforms.

It only starts launching new apps, because DMA also starts companies running their own messaging and calling services. As MacRumors first explained, this means companies with messaging apps like Meta’s WhatsApp have access to Apple’s on-demand iMessage framework.

Previously, the European Union, Apple claims to reward it in connection with third-party related events. This issue is brought up directly by technology companies like Apple that develop software and affiliate programs with third-party developers.

It looks like it’s official so far, the (DMA) is on the way to enactment of the law. He has received near-universal support from EU governments and will receive a final final address by the European Parliament in July.

The course offers six months to fulfill the requirements imposed by the legislation, which means to appear in Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA).

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Building on prior procedure procedures, it should not consider following DMA-following procedures in areas where you do not have to, unless it is going to be conducting on-time procedures in US and Asian areas.

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