Google Photos adds the long-awaited quality of life change.. know how

Google Photos is a great online tool, and a group has been improving it in the long run.

An improvement you can change by any measure, but a welcome change is an improvement you can change again.

Previously, it was showing in a master program, Google Photos were only able to get rid of photos in it using the release version, but fortunately for you Google has silently added the missing photo to Android, while it is good to say that the in-app photo deletion issue has been resolved. Completely resolved, unfortunately, the hostile image spread.

Android app users can only delete photos from private albums, which means that no photos shared between multiple accounts can be deleted without jumping through some loops.

And in order to delete the shared photos from the shared album and put them in a special album, and from there they can be deleted

And this message has been uploaded again, then recycled, recycled,

Unfortunately, deleting photos from shared folders will continue to frustrate Android app users even as simple as other services while waiting for the revolution, be prepared to wait a while.

And there was the issue of the Google Photos Android Android app being widely accepted by the app experience, and Google found itself in the form of Android Police.

Google Images Product Leader Lip responded to a tweet that continued in 2019, jewewewewewewewewage!

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