Report: Restrictions on searches for politically-identified Chinese characters

You may find it difficult to search for people considered politically sensitive in China if you use the Microsoft Bing search engine – even if you are in the United States.

Lab Gallery, a Lab Gallery, a pre-self-suggestion children’s exhibit, next to names for erotica, media and eroticism, according to an engadged report.

The lab found that proper reception of names in lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as that starts in Windows and DuckDuckGo, which uses Bing’s autosuggestion system.

This can apply, it applies to different regions of the world, including China, and among the most prominent forms of names that you will not automatically complete are President Xi Jinping, human rights activist Liu Xiaobo, and the Tank Man, the unknown Chinese man who is famous for standing in front of tanks and is Leave Tiananmen Square.

And last year, Microsoft was suspended from the attack after reports from the United States and France mail group.

A message showing Citizen Lab chief researcher Jeffrey Knokel shows monitoring rules that appear in one part of the world to another external portal, when it has a site for Internet platforms around the world, and the Wall newspaper tag. Street Journal.

: “Had Microsoft not been involved in Chinese operations in the first place, there would be room for it to spread to other regions.”

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