Report: Monitoring land activity on the sun helps predict space weather

A huge consortium of composite orbiter objects, the Solar Composite, made its closest flight in March, digitartlend reports.

ESA, captured so far

This footage was taken by Solar Orbiter’s Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) on March 30, 2022 of the Sun.

Captured by EUI, and the magnetic fields that make up them.

If it had been time for the details of this episode to be mentioned, this would have been the only place he heard his voice.

“And that’s really cool,” EUI Principal Investigator David Berghmans said in a video released by ESA.

The image showing the moving images was also captured at the same time, data from an imaging and heliosynthetic (PHI) instrument that records magnetic activity.

It is possible to see the commercial activity on the surface of the activity

Large space in the phenomenon of space, hopes for the phenomenon of using solar energy in orbit but also for space weather forecasting.

“Solar Orbiter is basically a mission, but ultimately we want to be able to predict space events, events that can have a higher impact in space, such as GPS satellites or networks,” project scientist Daniel Muller explained in the video. energy.

And we want to make sure that this happens in the forecast forecast

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