Russian scientists create a flexible robot to treat blood clots

Scientists of the National Research University ITMO in Petersburg, have devised a new method that allows to get rid of the cementing processes, which due to their hardness, according to the RT report.

The University Information Office refers to the scientists who have created a TT robot that is controlled by a magnetic field, an idea that can treat blood clots. This method allows to dispense with the use of catheters and shoring nets.

ITMO University scientists for example, suggest this section of the genesis of altered thrombi. New “.

“We plan to shoot the vessel in the form of a soft tape, but under the influence of a rotating magnetic transforming it into a spiral“ spiral ”, which“ starts ”to the place of the clot, wraps the clot and connects it, says Anna Pozitkova, an engineer at the International Research Center SCAMT of ITMO. And connecting it, with him under the influence of the magnetic field to the beginning, where the doctor lifts it from the blood vessel.

According to her, the movement of the robots is programmed by the magnetic field, and thanks to its remote control, it does not harm the blood vessels when moving. The length of the robot is 15 mm and its width is 2 mm, which allows it to easily move through deep veins, as well as reach hard-to-reach places. Successfully passed all laboratory tests.

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