Tech is conducting tests on video games .. Know the details

Short video platform Tech and its parent company ByteDance are testing video games in Vietnam. Answer it mostly on demand Mostly, on the face of the wall, the previous episode appears in 35 years – because they’re smarter than the older generations.

TikTok said that its gaming project, started small, with small games with simpler gameplay mechanics and shorter play times. These games contain sexual content.

Another source said that TikTok plans to initially implement ads in order to generate advertising revenue from the platform. Part of the profits will go to ByteDance, and the rest will be paid to game developers.

This is not the first time that it is trying to offer games to its users. Play HTML5 games, including last year’s Zynga’s Disco Loco 3D, an action endless runner that has players collecting moves, while defying their friends and followers on the platform and Garden of Good, where every vegan player grows in donations to Feed America.

According to Digitartlends opinion report, there is another way to view on TikTok in the US, but you get access to it on how to access it.

Tik Tok plans to release its games in larger parts of Southeast Asia sometime in the third quarter of 2022.

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