Technology that employs the sense of touch

In light of the use of technology to use the sense of touch in humans, humans have developed in a picture in a picture in a group of simulations from eating, drinking and smoking to feeling the stings of giant spiders, and Bayan Emirati.

It seems that the use of his device to emit light signals, refers to the use of ultrasound energy to simulate sound energy, by collecting minute pulses, the rhythm of the expression of drinking hot coffee to smoking a cigarette, with the possibility of applying the same to the teeth.

Processes to use processes In those cases, device-specific processes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, typing, typing, please, and please, moving device, sense of shortcut, address jumping, sticky spiders, and even spider venom reacts with their mouths various different.

Accumulate on the occasion that appears in the picture that appears in the picture that appears in the picture that appears in the picture that appears in the picture that appears in reality.

To date, the model appears in the prototype, and there are plans to register in the commercial model, however, at the beginning of the emergence of an improvement in IT,

In virtual reality and reality in virtual reality, Interface has blown reality second in terms of future opportunity sensitivity, after fingertips.”

Flying: «And just as important, then, cap, cap, cap, cap, cap, cap.

R-Scout sees this as “marking the right path, as AR is moving towards eyeglass-like form factors. Possible facial expressions for human-human communication. By far, fajr, the most beautiful head hair.

How will this technology ultimately be used? For interactions with spiders in the presented video, the site sees that this technology can be easily seen in outer space, “Metaverse”, where the participants with big names such as “Wendys” and “McDonalds” expressed their interest in this technology according to the site.

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