Adding new features to the Zoom app.. Learn about them

Online video sharing company Zoom has added new tools for collaboration and interaction interaction with the hope that it will become the ad exchange

Words appear through the Internet, and are intended to improve the interaction of common letters between keywords and the parts of attractiveness., which specializes in technology topics, as more companies are adopting a hybrid work system that combines work from the office with work, Zoom is looking to innovate in helping to allow some of the impromptu and coincidences that occur between employees in offices, Zoom view.

And for example, some stage of the finalization stage in the case of color development. In this case, the meeting manager can initiate collaborative experiments.

In their spare time, sleep in the rooms designated for this, through the small rooms in the rooms designated for this.

As the application, adding some games and participating in meeting places, where Zoom wants to help companies interact more effectively with meeting participants.

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