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It may reach 30 million orders from Apple to manufacture screens for the upcoming iPhone 14 due to cheating in the design of iPhone 13 screens, the Arab portal for technical news layer.

And ranked third in series and series production, after completing a group hoping to produce, produce, produce, this year’s OLED screen a group of iPhone models.

The company was struggling to procure enough operating chips as the overhaul was the production suffer as the proportion of units passed the quality control check.

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Apple commissioned BOE to make screens for the iPhone 13 last October, but too many large displays failed, and BOE tried to solve this problem by changing the specifications without telling Apple.

Deal exit, making it thicker, and therefore easier to manufacture.

Approved, and Cupertino orders accepted for OLED panels across the iPhone 14 series

The Chinese company sent a CEO and I arrived at Apple’s headquarters after to explain why the circuit had changed transistors.

They also asked for approval to produce OLED panels for the iPhone 14, but did not receive a clear response from them.

It offered to place an order for some 30 million OLED panels, which it had intended to give to BOE before the accident, to Samsung and LG instead.

It is likely to start with OLED ratings for its series of phones in the future.

And for one of the number of OLED panels it makes in the first half of the year due to a lack of integrated circuits and key boards.

Meanwhile, Samsung is expected to make the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screens for the iPhone 14 Pro, these LTPO thin-film transistors.

Root Paper Apple is supplying LTPO TFT OLED panels for the first time this year.

BOE previously only made screens for refurbished iPhones. They also manufacture LCD screens for iPads. It was later used by Apple to fit it into the OLED screens of the new iPhone in 2020.

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