For these reasons, YouTube removed 70,000 videos of the Ukraine war

Since Russia injured Ukraine in late February, it has made more than 70,000 videos so far of the conflict, engadged.

The company told The Guardian it had removed the videos for violating America’s Violent Keynote, which prohibits content creators from denying or downplaying events such as the invasion.

Nearly 9,000 channels are in the campaign, including one belonging to pro-Kremlin journalist Vladimir Solovyov.

Some of the videos YouTube took down violated a good archive by referring to the invasion as an “editing job”.

And we have the major violent events and this goes for things like denial of major and major events from the Holocaust to Sandy Hook.

And of course what’s happening in Ukraine is a huge violent event,” YouTube chief product officer Neil Mohan told The Guardian

As a result, YouTube has seen a significant increase in the number of people in Ukraine, Poland and Russia consuming “authoritative” content about the conflict in Ukraine, and news content about the invasion, for example, has achieved more than 40 million views.

“The most important and responsible responsibility is to be the kind of person who wants to get information about that audio and get accurate, high quality and credible information on YouTube,” Mohan told The Guardian.

The move underscores the crucial role that services like YouTube play in preventing misinformation from spreading online.

* Russia has become, with more than 90 million users, making it the largest video platform in the country, making it the largest number of sponsored networks back home such as RT and Sputnik have had a significant impact on those organizations in spreading the Kremlin’s message.

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