The arrival of the new Boeing spacecraft to transport astronauts to international space

A new Boeing spacecraft has arrived in the International Space Station (ISS), allowing astronauts to pass to Earth in 800 pounds of space and print.

Inside an anthropometric test vehicle is an “anthropometric tester” in the captain’s seat: a doll known as Rosie the Rocketer.

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Weighing 180 pounds, and accounting for 50% of human height and weight, for Boeing, they help maintain the airline’s flying position.

Rosie previously flew on his first Starliner test flight in 2019.

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Docking of the Starliner means in addition to a variety of spacecraft, good and wonderful, seven different types of spacecraft.

In addition to the European Space Agency, the European Space Agency, the European Space Agency, the European Space Agency, aerospace, aerospace, and three Russian astronauts on board.

And third to the three crew ships there are three cargo ships anchored: the Northrop Grumman Cygnus-17, and two Russian fleet ships, the Progress 79 and Progress 80.

And it won’t show up in that busy outdoor year of 2013.

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