Leaked secrets of Facebook warns of Metaverse .. Details

Leaked Facebook secrets, Frances, has revealed her concerns about CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s big plan around Metaverse, a kind of interactive internet to transfer more information about our lives to the world of 3D games, Al Arabiya Net reported.

“There are serious questions about the project that need to be answered before moving forward,” she told The Sun.

Do you want to have a whole generation of young people living in a friend of a friend of a friend of all.

I am concerned more marginalized in our society, virtual reality.

Escalation step

As the organization affiliated with, the institution in the military, said to move to one institution for elections, I moved to move to another.

She explained that “the reason behind the bulk of the fighting.”

This is Hyujin, who earlier expressed her fear of the “Metaverse” system, and its impact in forcing the future virtual reality of individuals to disclose more personal information and addiction to the communication site and giving the company another monopoly in the Internet world.

to “dead”

And then, you can see the electronic images, and then their atmosphere, you can see the images that he saw, which you can find acting on the surrounding environment.

Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company’s name was changed to “Meta” last October, and said, “The metaverse is the new name, from now on we will be metaverses, not Facebook.”

As the CEO of Meta explained that the word which means “after”,

Focusing the company’s interest on the “metaverse”, where a person abandons screens and experiences the impact of being in virtual reality.

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