Master photography and video blogging with the most powerful HUAWEI nova 9 SE in 2022 with a 108MP camera

If you are a fan of photography and blogging for great videos, then your phone HUAWEI nova 9 SEthe newest member of the phone series Huawei Nova 9 The famous category and available in the Egyptian market, is what suits you creative. Huawei, phone, phone, digital, 1080, HUAWEI SuperCharge 66W power, sparkling design with trendy colors, and user interface features EMUI 12 exceptional. All of these and more and more push you to buy it.

Phone can be obtained HUAWEI nova 9 SE And enjoy exclusive offers through the official website of Huawei and Huawei branches Experience Store and its authorized distributors.

Stunning high-selection 108MP photography

Because professional photos can only come from an exceptional camera, Huawei designed a phone HUAWEI nova 9 SE A 108MP quad camera system powered by intelligence, monitoring from a 108MP digital camera, an 8MP wide-angle lens, a 2MP bokeh lens, and a 2MP macro lens. Take pictures of the surrounding landscape, portraits, or portraits.

With Ultra Night Mode super night shot which uses a 1 / 1.52 inch sensor, you will not miss the most beautiful photos at night; Watching the appropriate videos for the owners of photos, pictures, pictures, photos, pictures, pictures, and photos. And thanks to noise reduction technology, Capture Images in light contexts, increase noise, reduce noise, and improve dynamic range..

As for selfies, it has a distinct flavor with this wonderful phone; It comes with a wide angle front camera (Equivalent to 2.0 µm and aperture f/2.2) The feature of cosmetic photos supported by intelligence for men – Beauty AI To make you look beautiful in all your shots. Birds are also supported, adjacent birds to the wide-angle mode when flipping the phone sideways to landscape mode, which in turn makes taking selfies easier. Also suitable for taking perfect selfies in constellations; where can be placed super night shot Recognize the resolution of human faces, improve background noise filtering. Thanks to the intelligent music recognition shutter technology.

A creative vlogging experience

designed phone HUAWEI nova 9 SE New to fit all the requirements of creative content creators; oops oops oops oops you can watch videos keeps going on on on on on on on on on on.

With dual-display video recording Dual view video, General Use the front and rear cameras two simultaneous perspectives and one video. These two features alone can save you a lot of time. If you wish, you can use the app petal clip Installer to easily edit videos with professional effects, to shine on social media.

Design that complements your style and colors to suit your taste

the phone HUAWEI nova 9 SE Huawei full screen display – HUAWEI FullView Display Ultra-thin frames of only about 1.05mm, giving you a visual experience, very beautiful and exquisite.

The rear lens has a camera design Star Orbit Ring The iconic series of phones Nova. And with its slim body to the back of the body, this phone is easy to hold and fits in a large shoe, your hand. And with the three unique colors – blue crystalAndwhite pearlAndDarkness of midnightYou can choose what suits your taste and complements your style.

Smooth and enjoyable performance with EMUI 12

phone comes HUAWEI nova 9 SE With user interface EMUI 12 Get a smooth and enjoyable experience even after using the device for a long time. Tower you tab device + In the control panel easily thanks to the feature single hop link Via near field communication (NFC), the phone can pair with other Huawei devices and create cross-device collaboration with a simple tap. The phone is a Huawei smart watch or speaker, the experience is intuitive and stressful. The phone allows you to access files from the computer, you can search with the smartphone Huawei post. And with shop AppGallery Find it, exist, and download it easily.

Super fast charging with 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge

With Huawei ultra-fast charging technology – HUAWEI SuperCharge 66 watts, phone power battery HUAWEI nova 9 SE While taking the most beautiful pictures or blogging the coolest videos; Charging the phone to 60% takes only 15 minutes or 36 minutes to fully charge it. Thanks to the Safe Express Shipping Certificate from TUV RheinlandThe phone provides you with a fast and safe charging experience.

HUAWEI nova 9 SE (1)

HUAWEI nova 9 SE (2)
HUAWEI nova 9 SE (2)

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