Meta will share political data on Facebook with the researcher..Details

META publish dissemination of information about publication publish and transition to publish and election sites on Facebook, META notification in an update dissemination of information on how public posting is published and transmitted to the public and the public.

As part of the company’s Facebook Open Research and Transparency (FORT) program, Facebook writes: “Each individual ad will be provided and will include information such as interest categories selected by advertisers.”

The company had previously experimented with making some interested data available via the public FORT

Now, moving on to submitting posts to Affiliate Express Publishing has gone global since August 2020.”

Meta also provides a limited amount of public information about posting ads to an audience via its ad library,

Update data on the total number of social ads and ads, page refresh services that were triggered with each type of targeting (geographical location and demographics), percentage of social issue, spending and index number for these services.

“For example, a 30-day ad library could show ‘people interested in politics,'” the company wrote.

Topics related to Facebook geo-location ads have been a topic for the ad network, and ad pricing has long argued that understanding ads is just as important as having a live media history.

Prevents studying this issue on their own, and set up a team at New York University to help them understand political ads on Facebook, and discovered several flaws in the Facebook ad library.

Meta accused the team of scraping their accounts, and from also to their parts on using the CrowdTangle’s own study tool to study misinformation.

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Teach and learn more about how political ads spread across Facebook.

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