They lost their young in the poor and sick

Branding opportunity in America

The company warned that the Goodwill ransom program could lead to temporary, and possibly permanent, loss of corporate data and possible business closure and associated loss of revenue.

“GoodWill ransomware was identified by CloudSEK researchers in March 2022, the name of the threat group suggests, operators are allegedly interested in the social field rather than traditional financial reasons,” Clousek said in a report.

Once, GoodWill ransomware encrypts your documents, photos, files, database and other important files and access is possible without the decryption key.

And “actors suggest that he do, wing, wing, open, answer, open, open, open, open, open, record the event, social media, and take underprivileged children’s kids to a popular restaurant for a treat and take photos and videos On social media and social media Financial assistance to anyone who needs urgent medical care but can afford it at a nearby hospital, record audio and share it with operators.

And just the three activities, the ransomware asks for a chance to remark on social media (Facebook or Instagram) about “how you turned yourself into a good human being”

When all three activities are done, the ransomware operators check the media shared by the victim and their social media posts.

The complete source for editing that includes recovering all encrypted files.

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