Why Japan to become the ratio of air to the United States?

The United States, its closest ally, amid rising tensions with China

Tokyo, said the latest release of NASA’s Artemis program for humans to the moon.

Japan puts in a large-scale space program, mainly on the development of launchers and probes, but it has a human flight program over the United States and Russia to take its astronauts into space, as more space Earths have visited the International Space Station and Russia’s mission to the United States.

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The United States welcomes Japan’s ambitions and investments in space as it tries to stay ahead of China in a possible new space race. Beijing plans to complete its first space station to complete this year.

Last year, Japan’s space agency, JAXA, reopened employment for astronauts for the first time since space, and the European Space Agency (ESA) is set to build the main habitat module for the lunar outpost planned by the US company, Gateway, click set for an idea In landing operations on the surface of the moon.

Japan also built the Kibo Experiment Module in the International Space Station and the redeployment missions were flown into space by heavy rockets.

Environmental startup with companies including, space debris removal company, Astroscale and Ispace, developing lunar portable environment vehicles and vehicles.

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