Apple adds more features to its “Pen” .. Know the details

Less than a futuristic Apple Pencil for more gesture recognition, the tech giant has been granted a patent before the USPTO for a “pencil,” according to a report by AppleInsider.

And Apple is considering adding a touch sensor to the stylus that will help the stylus receive the tactile part of the received part by playing initially in the patent summary: “A touchscreen, like a stylus, can get tactile input from the user, And you can write in a pen in a low form.”

And I found the idea in part of this software, as a simple stylus problem software, which is why I made it a touch software. Low.

, succesfully , , succesfully , if , and succesfully , they will look at the entries that are entered on the entries that are logged . Given the space it occupies by holding the pen at the scene location.

(December 2019) I started incorporating haptic feedback into a pencil to make drawing and near the camera pen used in the physical gravity of the surface, the goal, in short, to get the pen to do more than what it is now made to do. And the tech giant could add more control to the Apple Pencil for generations to come. It is not out of the eye when you will do it.

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