Chrome for Android users remove Discover feed when opening a new window

As simple as the new tab page in the version of Google Chrome

Meanwhile, other news feed, latest posts from outlets he “follows”, is based on Chrome, and importantly the new homepage on Chrome for Android users.

The difference between the new Android page in Chrome on the desktop and:

The homepage can also be monitored. Arrivals want more simplicity in their web browser. The following example to the upcoming root flag will appear soon on the chrome://flags page and a matching page will also be available for iOS users.

What will this new science do?

Start this new flag on “Remove all feeds from Chrome”, including the discovery feed and continue. The flag is now available for testing in Chrome Canary The report claims it’s effective in cleaning up the new tab page, and it hasn’t expressed its intentions to make an optional Discover feed from the Chrome new tab page, however, evidence that the flag is fast-tracked and should arrive with Chrome 103 next month.

Different ways to access Google Discover on Android devices

Access Google Discover on their Android phones, and Google Chrome Android Android is just one of those ways. Android can be accessed from the Google Search Home Page, Chrome New Tab page, the leftmost page of Pixel Launcher, and the mobile version of

The report also mentioned that the new flag that appears for iOS is also a bit off because Chrome on iPhones already offers a simple toggle for the Discover feed.

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