How to select text in photos or the camera of iPhone phones.. Steps

Apple introduced Live Text with the iOS 15 update earlier this year, and while it was fine, it passed without it being up and running.

What is the Live Text feature?

Get direct text feature from photo site. Round the text tag at the beginning of the text tag.

If you fail to use this page, follow our step by step guide:

Getting started:

– Install iOS 15 or later on the device

– Internet connection

Steps to extract text from a photo using the camera app

1. Open the Camera app on your iPhone

2. Now, point it at anything with text on it

3. It appears to you next to it from the corner in the corner in the suite

4. Click, click, click, click, click the publish icon, and then click Next.

Steps to extract text from a photo using the Photos app

1. Open an app and select the images you want to extract text from

2. Tap the corner brackets in the bottom corner

3. Tap on the text and copy and paste it anywhere you want.

You can make phone calls directly from clicking on the phone number in the image.

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