Microsoft begins testing a new OneNote design overhaul

It started updating the new OneNote design, as the software maker released the visual last year, and revealed that it will standardize OneNote apps for Windows 10. Beta testers can now access some of the new OneNote affiliates of the traditional office version of OneNote.

More on par with the rest of Windows 11’s aesthetic features. The page navigation panes are refreshed, and previously published pages, section tabs, and the notebook dropdown list also look different.

It uses a special Mica effect, it appears in the Windows 11 theme and desktop background, for the general application in OneNote Move The Verge.

The changes create a more modern look for OneNote, with rounded corners and updated animations. There’s also a new branding indicator in OneNote, which is another sign on the left

If you are a fan of using OneNote to take notes letters like Ink to shape, Ruler and Ink to text are in this updated tab.

The OneNote front desk also supports the Surface Slim Pen 2 and haptic gestures that mimic pen on paper.

Microsoft plans to add an ink display and a new focus pen display that will turn OneNote into a “pen first experience.”

The other pages are in order right now, and the latest changes will be available soon.

Microsoft is focusing on updating the main desktop OneNote app, with plans to bring key features from the easy-to-operate OneNote for Windows 10 to the main unified app.

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