Spain spends 12.25 billion euros on the manufacture of microchips .. Know the details

Spain’s Economy Minister Nadia Calvino said the government wants to plan a 12.25 billion euro ($13.12 billion) plan on the semiconductor and microchip industry in 2027, including 9.3 billion euro factory building.

The official program in the European Union in the European Union, consisting of four weeks, was originally set at 11 billion euros, was originally set at 11 billion euros. All companies: “The goal is the comprehensive and productive development of the microelectronics and semiconductor industry, watch series viewing and visuals.”

Assembly lines were produced.

She said the government will finance the domestic cost of cutting edge (below 5 nm) and mid-range (above 5 nm) semiconductor manufacturing with investments of €9.3 billion.

It will finance €1.1 billion in technical research and development and €1.3 billion in chip design, will support Spanish companies in strategic projects developed at European level and will create a €200 million value fund, start-ups and expansion in the Spanish connector sector.

The image indicates that the reason why there is an old example in Spain so far, and said: “I want you to play a role in the technological field, the role you deserve, European fund of funds an extraordinary opportunity.”

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