what’s the meaning? .. The first maps of the huge gas clouds in space and what is their relationship to the beginning of the universe

Mapping natural gas withdrawals, the treaty also called (DLAs), approximately 11 billion years ago, processing as reservoirs of the primordial gas that filled most of the early universe 13.8 billion years ago, and eventually condensed to form some of the oldest galaxies and stars.

According to the website,VoidAmerican revealed Rongmun Bordoloi ،., the study’s principal investigator and assistant professor of physics at North Carolina State University DLAs This is a key to understanding how galaxies form in the universe, but it’s the usual atmosphere to observe them because the sky is so spread out it doesn’t emit any light itself.”

The transparent nature of gases generally makes them difficult to observe however, a gas becomes more transparent when in front of something shiny.

It used an innovative method that collects light from quasars, bright distant objects called black holes a billion times the mass of the sun. DLA Backlit by a distant galaxy with a gravitational lens.

“Gravity-lensed galaxies refer to galaxies that appear to be fine and diminishing,” the researcher said in the statement, due to the presence of a large structure in front of the galaxy on the incoming light as it travels. Like using the best cosmic telescope that increases and gives us visualization.

And the user used Keck Cosmic Web Imager in observatory cakewhich is a highly sensitive integrated field spectrometer for systemic monitoring DLAMilky Way Books.

Electronic data has been sent to the team for the first time ever DLAsWatching them provides clues about the evolution of galaxies and star formation in the young universe.

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