Convert the default from Google to you “time travel” on your phone.. Here’s how

For example, the American automaker Delorean, still not capable of the future,

Photos taken by cars are assembled into a tool that shows how places have changed over time.

but now available on phones now available on the office version.

“Roaming around” feature by taking photos of its display, another way to bring back memories has emerged,” said Ethan Russell, senior product management at Google Maps, in a blogging project.

It’s now easier than ever with Ai to travel to the past from your phone directly on Android and iOS globally.

Here’s how to use TheNextWeb article software:

Open Google Maps on your smartphone.

Enter the default roaming.

Click on the scene.

Select “See more photos” and scroll through the displayed photos dating back to 2007.

More than a dozen, while you can fall a little far.

View images

Launching the new version to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the default renewal feature.

And join the celebration of the anniversary of the 360-degree parades in bulk.

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