Google celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Virtual Roaming feature

There is an opportunity for a racy review jointly in parentheses and 5 stars. There are now more than 220 billion Street View images from more than 100 countries and territories.

A hiatus from Aitnews as new images open in the future.

Possible from 2014 to use Street View to see how the place has changed over the years A PC version of Google Maps.

But now iOS and Android apps have the same capability. Click to click Download photos.

and vowed to shoot them.

The new camera is a portability to take 360-degree photos, the second announcement that Google released in conjunction with the fifteenth of Street View.

The search giant desks this round of energy was 6.8 kg.

Allows you to have the opportunity to receive updates through a program that allows you to receive continuous updates.

For example, instead of paying to move cars equipped with custom cameras, the company could retrofit their new camera into an existing car.

Google brings Street View photos to your phone

Flight to gondola…

140MP panoramic photo captures the seven camera sensors. And of course you can make it you can make it when needed.

useful feature. But for groups, it is next door to them in the neighboring streets.

New Street View images to add newly opened businesses to Google Maps, improve information about opening hours, and seem to be about speed across roads.

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