How to turn on Pinterest dark mode on the phone

If you are a fan of browsing the Pinterest application on your smartphone, the interface activates the mode, which makes the interface more shadowy and makes the application easier to use in print environments, crafts, to mention the “business insider” site, iPhone or Android phone.

How to turn on dark mode for Pinterest on iPhone

Pinterest on iPhone simulates whatever theme mode you chose for iOS, the phone is set to dark mode, Pinterest will also be dark, here’s how to set it:

1. On your iPhone, start the Settings app.

2. Click on “Display and Brightness”.

3. In the Appearance section, tap “Dark” to turn on the dark mode, or turn on “Auto” by swiping the button to the right, the automatic mode is on, turn on the configuration of the hours when the dark mode will be in effect.

If you select Automatic, Pinterest will automatically follow whatever settings the phone uses.

How to turn on dark mode for Pinterest for Android

The Pinterest Android app follows the phone’s display settings, and automatically turns on dark mode on and off along with the phone’s user interface.

The different steps may vary.

1. On the Android device, tap on the “Settings” app.

2. Click on View.

3. In the Appearance section, tap on Dark theme.

4. Set the “Use Appearance Appearance” through the right button relative to the “Set the time period you want to start in dark mode” table.

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