HUAWEI MateBook E Laptop.. Our pick for the best 2-in-1 device you can count on in 2022

Technological developments have allowed a new mode of work that is gaining great popularity, this new work style is known as “hybrid work”, and it is defined for the freedom to choose people wherever you want, and from here to creating projects and home also which led to the creation of new career opportunities, at the present time , this number also means that the people who appear in this case represent the currency at all times which represents a laptop with certain discounts, dealing with various needs.

And as for a computer? HUAWEI MateBook E Mobile, the first 3-in-1 laptop with an operating system Windows 11New project, first screen HUAWEI True Color OLED Display – True color screen from Huawei, as a computer was designed HUAWEI MateBook E The New You Want in the Future Employment 3 in 1 New Design and Versatile Hybrid with Another Game Group Another Game Bundle Another Game Bundle In Game Combination Game Bundle Combination Game Bundle Game Play Back In Play Back In Atmosphere of character, and get back to work faster.

Portability and flexibility 3 monitors in 1

Thanks to its innovative engineering design, the weight of a computer HUAWEI MateBook E Light at around 709g and as thin as 7.99mm. prepare a computer HUAWEI MateBook E Display digital messages that can be shown in mobile mode, mobile mode, smartphone mode, and welcome to smartphone) PC screen can be separated HUAWEI MateBook E Improved as a tablet. For comments and presentation, a laptop and a pen can HUAWEI M-Pencil Provide a better experience in tablet mode. This laptop also offers smartphone mode. It gives you these functions integrated in your smartphone.

The operating system has Windows 11 Installed on another device appears in the touch mode that appears when using computers. Now, the OS supports multi-finger gestures for switching tasks, which greatly simplifies task group controls for a greatly improved Device Mode experience.

OLED Real Color HUAWEI FullView Display

The ratio of the full screen display is from HUAWEI FullView OLED 12.6 inch true color and 90% screen ratio. Behind it candles up to 600 square meters, wide range p 3 . Accuracy e <1. c. Furthermore it , HUAWEI MateBook E Hardware-level blue light technology and is the first 3-in-1 laptop to stay certified TÜV Rheinland Full-Care Eye Care 2.0.0 Update.

Super cool device

The new laptop expands the capabilities of the Huawei super-deviceDevice Huawei Super With innovative multi-device communication devices. This laptop can wirelessly connect to smartphones: Huawei Nova 9 And with screens like Huawei Mate View via cable USB-C . port Or provide you wirelessly sharing from devices across devices with simple drag and drop gestures.

Relying on mobile network communication technologies, these companies communicate with each other between these computers and smartphones. windows And Android, making it possible for seamless across devices, and control of multiple screens. Frame display feature on multiple screens, a phone can be connected Huawei Nova 9 Recently launched with PC HUAWEI MateBook E To form a super powerful device. It accesses the mobile phone, and unlocks up to the mobile phone, while the smartphone can act as the thumb device for the computer, allowing folders and making files through easier than ever.

Interaction and productive processes

compatible computer HUAWEI MateBook E with a pen HUAWEI M-Pencil (second generation). When paired with a 3-in-1 laptop, the stylus remains responsive; compatible computer HUAWEI MateBook E Also with the smart magnetic keyboard In addition, a computer can HUAWEI MateBook E Collaboratively with devices running on operating systems including earphones, printers, and monitor. Transforming a 3-in-1 laptop into a mobile productivity powerhouse, the new 3-in-1 laptop works across usage scenarios, whether the user is at home or in the office.

A unique video calling experience

This time, a computer is ready HUAWEI MateBook E With four microphones. In the case of excellent hardware configuration, Huawei has equipped a variety of software-level algorithm technology, the audio configuration level HUAWEI MateBook E comprehensively. Provides critical support ready under typical scenarios such as HD video calls and mobile project. Improve connection quality with receiver, utilities, improve noise quality, intelligently improve noise, and self-declutter.

Professional work performance

Processor Processing Processing Intel Core ™ from the eleventh generation Intel® Iris® Xe supports deviceHUAWEI MateBook E Up to 16GB of RAM for satellite channels and 512GB of high-speed storage. All 3-in-1 laptop models come standard with a standalone shark fin fan and an eight-layer heat-dissipation stack, providing high cooling performance that sets a new standard for PC hardware, 2-in-1.

Well, the Computer, 2-in-1 PC is usually built for mobility and productivity and there’s a lot to like about it. And with a computer HUAWEI MateBook EYou can also switch to Smart Search mode allowing you to experience hybrid working on a very new level.

HUAWEI-MateBook-E- Laptop

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