It may be of interest to many, it appears in Windows systems.. know it

Microsoft has announced its intention to introduce systems to make Windows 11 more practical and useful, reports Rt.

Accordingly, the companies programmers in the programmers of the subscribers of the programmers work at the same time on e-mail.

Export the company to Windows systems it doesn’t own at the same time, currently, and copy the apps he’s been working on starting the apps you’re running, which you’re running, their apps, and their apps, and manually loading the old apps into his new machine.

For his part, Giorgio Sardo, general manager of the Microsoft Store Apps Online, said: “To make it easier for customers to quickly transition to new computers, we will test, launch a new device, a feature that will help them use the Microsoft Store software to a new Windows.”

On the other hand, greater possibilities in the shapes, colors and characteristics of the shortcuts they want to appear on their devices.”

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