Learn about the new updates in the documents in the documents released by Google

Document editor designed by Google Docs, archival archiving in the performance of business functions.

She detailed in her Work Updates blog that omissions, formatting, and other formatting to multiple sections of text at once.

“This will make document formatting and editing faster by eliminating the need for them to be higher in production,” Google said in the blog.

The update is immediate, the previous state, the first edition, the first edition, the European edition

The feature is available to all Google Workspace users.

It’s also available for use with G Suite Basic and Business, and it’s compatible across operating systems including Windows, Chrome OS, she said.

1 Set On a Mac, select Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right Arrow after the first text is highlighted.

2 Additional On Windows, select Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left / Right Arrow after highlighting the first text selection.

3 To use in Chrome OS, select Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Left/Right Arrow after highlighting the first selected text.

Then, you can add the format you want as you normally would.

And multiple text selections aren’t the only new feature in Google Docs, and the tech company hosted the Google I/O developer conference keynote two weeks ago, where it showcased a bunch of new innovations, and one of the interesting updates is the auto-generated TL and DR summary for Google Docs. .


The TL Summary feature is also expected; DR Take advantage of an update to Google Chat at first.

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