Learn how to exclude people from photos on iPhone

Photos has Memories that shows you algorithmically curated collections of photos and videos – based on various factors like this tag, vacations, or places you’ve visited.

These memories can appear through a notification, or you can check out the groups in the For You section of the Photos app, and sometimes they’ll include people you don’t care to see again.

And I found that it can show up much faster in your memories, and then do it easily at TheNextWeb:

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

Go to any photo with the person whose photos you want to avoid.

Click the Share button in the bottom corner.

The advantage of this option is / person-less.

You can select this person less or mark this person at all.

After these steps

You did this step in the next table, look at this place less and see this date less, select one charted to your preference.

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